Payday 3

Payday 3 developer acknowledges fan feedback, will commit to making the game better

"It is your passion that inspires us to work hard to deliver the best Payday experience we can for you all."

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Payday 3 developer Starbreeze has acknowledged that a lot of players haven't been fully onboard with the game since launch, and have outlined what comes next in a lengthy Twitter/X thread.

"We're well aware that many of you aren't satisfied with the game the way it is in its current state. Since launch, we've been reading your valuable feedback," the thread begins. "We want to be careful to not simply react, and deal with any possible improvements one by one with the care, thought and planning they deserve."

The thread then goes onto explain that a crack team of veteran developers are working on the various problems brought up in player feedback, and that next month, we'll see a plan communicated by Starbreeze for what comes next via various improvements and updates.

It's often good to see a developer take criticism on the chin and move on to see what comes next and how it can improve the game it has put out. Hopefully, in time we'll see more improvements to Payday 3 so it can truly be the game that fans were hoping it would be at launch.

Payday 3

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