Payday 2

Payday 2 gets Silk Road update and three new DLCs

From weapon mods to outfits, there's plenty of new content to enjoy in Payday 2 now that development has resumed.

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Starbreeze Studios and Overkill have revealed the latest batch of content for Payday 2, as the Silk Road campaign has landed alongside a suit customisation system, six free outfits, a Border Crossing Heist DLC, and more.

The Tailor Pack 1 DLC costs £2.09 ($2.99 USD, €2.39), while the Border Crossing Heist DLC is priced at £5.19 ($6.99, €5.69), with the Cartel Optics Mod Pack DLC coming in at £2.09 ($2.99, €2.39).

This is all available right now on Steam, and this follows development being resumed on October 25 this year, along with the introduction of the Legacy Collection. This is actually the first bit of content released since development started again, and the Silk Road update brings in the aforementioned suits, outfits system, improved UI, and the DLCs.

Border Crossing Heist includes a new heist and an extra Cook Off variant, while Tailor Pack 1 adds 20 extra outfits (four types with five volour variations). The Cartel Optics Mod pack, however, has 10 new weapon mods, and you can get all three DLCs as part of the Border Crossing Bundle, priced at £7.22 (£9.98, €8.06).

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Payday 2
Payday 2
Payday 2Payday 2Payday 2
Payday 2Payday 2Payday 2

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