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PawN and Deft part ways with EDward Gaming

Although Deft will stay for November's Demacia Cup.

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Chinese League of Legends champions EDward Gaming has lost two key players, AD Carry Hyuk-kyu "Deft" Kim and mid laner Won-seok "PawN" Heo.

Both players released statements via Facebook, with Deft's here and PawN's here. Deft's, as translated online, claimed tiredness was part of the issues when playing: "Even though I fought the most for two years, every time I'm tired. Sometimes like my brother, sometimes as a team member, a simple word or a comforting love that gave me comfort, thank you so much for teaching me so much. And I did not really do it at first, but I do not think I can do anything for you next time. I hope you will do well without me [...] I came from Korea, but regardless of my country, the Chinese fans who really supported me really appreciated it all the time. Thank you for reading this article."

PawN also thanked fans for their support: "I do not know which team I will be going to next year but I will try to make a better appearance [...] I would like to express my gratitude to the fans who always support me and look forward to seeing you better."

Both players joined EDG before the start of 2015's season as part of what was called the "Korean Exodus", with PawN leaving from Samsung White and Deft leaving from Samsung Blue, where he became famous as an AD Carry.

Perhaps a big reason for both players leaving EDG is because of the lack of success at the Worlds where, for the past two seasons, they have not progressed past the quarter finals. They have their 2015 MSI finals win over SKT to be proud of, however, as they are the only team to ever knock them out of an international tournament.

PawN will leave immediately, however, Deft will move on after November's Demacia Cup. Where may they go next?

League of Legends
Photo: EDward Gaming

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