Pavilion: "the player is not in direct control"

We found out more about the unique "fourth-person" adventure title heading to PS4 and PS Vita.

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At this year's Gamex we talked with Rickard Westman about Pavilion, a fourth-person puzzle adventure about guidance and subliminal control which is heading to PS4 and PS Vita sometime next year.


Westman explained to us a little bit about the concept: "We tried to find like a short and direct way to explain the game and what it was about, and everything just got really long, you know we tended to explain the game it took us five minutes to explain it. But then why not just try "fourth person"? And then people they will get that it's something different. Maybe not clear but it kind of explains the relationship between the... that the player is not in direct control of the character."

We suggested that Pavilion looks like it has much in common with point and click games, and Westman was quick to agree. "Some people actually refer to it that way," he told us, "and in many ways it's kind of the same thing. What is different I think is that there is a main character in there that you're not in control of... and he is the main character and that is what the thing that is different I think, and that is the fourth person thing."

Confused? We asked whether it was like a cross between a point and click and Lemmings, which which Pavilion's art director replied: "Absolutely!"

Watch the rest of the interview for more gameplay information and explanation, and for details on when the game is expected to land on PS4 and PS Vita next year.


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