Paul Walker was offered the role of Superman, turned it down

All as part of a $10 million deal.

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Paul Walker, best known for his role as undercover cop Brian O'Connor from the Fast & The Furious films, he could just as easily have been our Superman, had he chosen differently. The late film star was offered the role of Clark Kent/Man of Steel in the early 2000s and was offered a $10 million deal. Walker turned it down because, according to his old manager, he didn't want to play Superman for the rest of his life.

"Walker was screen testing for Superman and I think it was a $10 million deal, and he was the frontrunner."

In an old interview, recently noticed by Deadline, Walker is said to have pointed out that he hardly spends any money, that his favourite shoes cost $23 and that he doesn't need tens of millions:

"Yes, I could have made a gazillion dollars on that franchise. I could probably have bought my own fleet of jets or my own island. You know what? I don't need it. My favorite brand of running shoes costs $23. I rarely pay more than $40 for my jeans. Throw in a T-shirt and that costs me $20 or $10 if I buy it on the beach. I don't need a gazillion dollars to manage that kind of lifestyle."

Would you like to see Walker in the bright blue suit?

Paul Walker was offered the role of Superman, turned it down

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