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Tekken 8

Paul Phoenix no longer gets his hair up in Tekken 8

The impossibly coiffed biker has swapped hairspray for moisturising lotion, but he still packs some serious punches.

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Tekken 8 continues to unveil its line-up of fighters for the new Iron Fist Tournament, bringing back the series' old glories from the past, with a completely revamped look and feel, next-gen graphics, but also a great deal of humour.

At least that's what you can tell from the latest clip Bandai Namco has released about the game, starring stiff, blonde-haired rebel biker Paul Phoenix, one of the most beloved (and feared) characters in the entire Tekken series. The ultra-powerful punching fighter is set to return to the eighth main instalment of the series, but the years have not passed him by, and he has decided to go from a stiff, sky-high hairdo to long fringes that fall to one side. This has prompted a number of jokes on Twitter, including from the game's own official Twitter account.

Despite his appearance, Paul seems to still be in great shape, judging by the number of punches and knees he throws at his opponents. We certainly remember the fighter as one of our clear choices when playing in company.


Do you like the new Paul Phoenix?

Tekken 8

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