Paul McCartney continues to make UK music history

He has become the first UK musician to become a billionaire.

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Former Beatle and renowned musician Sir Paul McCartney has become the UK's first musician billionaire. The Sunday Times Rich List said he'd managed to boost his wealth by an additional £50 million to achieve this status.

A recent tour plus the value of his back catalogue and a cover of his song Blackbird by Beyoncé was enough to push him over the edge. Sir Elton John also made the list, but he's unfortunately not part of the billionaire club.

According to the article, even with a newly crowned billionaire, and the wealth of Britain's rich being greater than that of the Polish economy, the billionaire boom is looking to come to an end. Will someone think of the mega rich?

Paul McCartney continues to make UK music history
Nataliia Zhekova
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