My Time at Sandrock

Pathea promises deeper simulation in My Time at Sandrock

It's said to have "better production values across the board."

Those were happy days at Portia, but there are many other places in the world. Pathea Games, creators of the great simulation and RPG game My Time at Portia, just announced My Time at Sandrock, a sequel with "better production values across the board."

Sandrock is the frontier town that players will have to help develop and repopulate. It looks like an old western landscape in this post-apocalyptic world where people came together to restart civilisation in a good way.

What started as an expansion pack for My Time at Portia is now a standalone game, and the team explains that they made the decision looking for "better graphics, better optimization, more story, and more satisfying gameplay systems." It will offer the same RPG and simulation experience, but deeper in combat, narrative, and characters. This is the official summary of new features:

• New Combat - a revamped combat system that allows the player to quickly shift between melee combat and 3rd person shooting mechanics.
• Great Music - an original soundtrack with dynamic in-game music that reflects where the player is and what they're doing
• More Elaborate Story and Deeper Characters- a vastly enriched storyline, hundreds of side-quests boasting over 30 completely new characters, each getting more attention than before with their own story to discover, as well as the return of a few familiar faces for fans of the series.
• Build with Friends! Co-op multiplayer - Perhaps the most exciting addition to the game is a new multiplayer function that will finally allow players to visit a unique multiplayer map where they can build a workshop together and experience an additional storyline that unfolds there...

The Chinese developer has more ideas in mind, but it said it needs some help to fund those and that's why there is a Kickstarter campaign running. But you don't need to worry about it because it raising funds so quickly that it probably will be funded in less than a day. The target is 2021 for PC and 2022 for consoles, including current- and next-gen PlayStation and Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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