Sonic the Hedgehog (Iphone)

Parks & Recreaction star voices Sonic in upcoming movie

Ben Schwartz exciting about starring as the blue hedgehog.

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We all know that Sega's blue hedgehog will make his feature film debut next year and it appears it will be the director behind the comedy The Goon (Jeff Fowler) who will direct it and now it's announced that Parks & Recreation star Ben Schwartz will voice Sonic the Hedgehog. Schwartz tweeted this last night and he seems very enthusiastic about the opportunity. Hollywood superstar Jim Carrey will portray Eggman and Westworld -actor James Marsden will play the role of Tom Wachowski.

Ben Schwartz via Twitter:
"I. LOVE. 90S. BLUE. ICONIC. CHARACTERS. I am beyond excited about this movie. It's gonna be amazing. I have been training by running, wagging my finger and impatiently tapping my foot. GOTTA GO FAST!"

Sonic the Hedgehog (Iphone)

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