Park Beyond

Park Beyond shows off more colourful and wacky gameplay

The simulation game is set to launch this June.

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It's getting ever closer to the launch of the next simulation game from Limbic Entertainment, as Park Beyond is slated to arrive this June. With release around two months away, Bandai Namco and the developer have shown off a ton of extra gameplay that delves into the wacky and colourful theme park building suite that the title will be offering.

We get a glimpse at the rollercoaster creation suite, the path building mechanics, the data and demographic system that allow you to better understand your park, the sandbox mode, and the Impossification options that allow you to throw reality out of the window in the name of thrills and fun.

Check out the new Park Beyond gameplay trailer below, and look to play the game in full on June 16 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles. There will even be a final closed beta test on May 9 for anyone looking to get a last look at the simulation experience.

Park Beyond

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