Park Beyond

Park Beyond is a brand-new theme park simulator from Tropico 6 developer Limbic Entertainment

It enables users to create rides and rollercoasters that aren't constrained by reality.

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During Gamecom's Opening Live event today it was revealed that Tropico 6 developer Limbic Entertainment is working on a brand-new theme park simulator that will release sometime in 2022 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series.

Park Beyond sets itself apart from others within the genre, as it enables users to "Impossify" their rides and coasters. This essentially means that they can create some truly wacky designs that no sound-minded safety inspect would ever approve. A few examples shown here were a multi-story carousel, a rollercoaster with jumps along its track, and a giant squid ride that submerges guests in submarines underwater. Carts for rollercoasters can also be Impossifed and can take some pretty wacky shapes.

Just like other titles such as Planet Coaster, Park Beyond requires you to manage your park by looking after aspects such as your staff, your park's income, and your guest's wants and needs. There's also said to be a story-driven campaign and in the trailer, we met two of the characters that will be integral to the story who are known as Phil and Izzy. There's also a sandbox mode, where players are free to be creative and are not held back by financial restraints.

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