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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Paris Legion has dropped the majority of its Call of Duty League roster

The team is embracing the chaos of rosterpocalypse.

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Now that we're nearing the start of the 2023 Call of Duty League year, we're starting to see teams make decisions about their roster for the next season of the league. For the Paris Legion, this comes in the form of dropping four of its members so far, which does seem to suggest that the team will be fully embracing the chaos of rosterpocalypse over the next few months.

In particular, Bryan "Jimbo" Sabman, Giancarlos "oJohnny" Carrasco, Thomas "GRVTY" Malin, and Johnathan "John" Perez have been released, meaning only Donovan "Temp" Laroda remains with the Legion as it currently stands.

There has not yet been any mention as to where these players will end up, or likewise who the Legion will be bringing in as their replacements, but no doubt, we'll hear more about that over the next few months.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

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