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Paris Eternal Admin details team changes

The post covers all of the Eternal's recent woes.

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Following announcements regarding a bunch of the Paris Eternal's players either being free-agents, or traded away, leaving only a couple of players on the active roster, the Overwatch League team has been subject to a host of speculation. To set the record straight, team Admin "Mand0lyn" has released a TwitLonger detailing a whole list of behind the scene situations that led to the team's current position.

The statement mentions how Overwatch League teams are also business-based models, and that Homestands (the LAN type tournaments) were set to account for a lot of revenue/funding for the team. With Homestands being cancelled, teams in general are less financially well-off, leading to the larger contracted players being more difficult to retain.
Mad0lyn also mentioned that the reason the French core were not already re-signed, was "that they didn't settle on their same contract and can now trial with other teams/go looking for offers." These players have not been ruled out by Paris either, as it is also stated; "Ben [BenBest] even specified in his second tweet that he is still in talks with Paris. But neither Nico or SoOn included that same stipulation."

You can read the full TwitLonger here, which goes into further detail regarding each of the Eternal's woes.

Photo: Paris Eternal

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