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Just Cause 4

Parasites invade Just Cause 4 with Los Demonios DLC

This brings a whole new kind of threat to Solis in July, along with new enemies, weapons, and more to experience.

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Just Cause 4 isn't exactly a game known for being restrained in any way, since it's a series known for wild explosions and action-packed carnage, which is turned up even more with the reveal of the Los Demonios DLC, coming on July 3 for all systems.

This DLC sends Rico and Javi off to investigate a newly-discovered temple, but in a twist of fate a demonic force is released and a parasitic invasion comes to Solis. This is a new threat Rico must face, and changes things up dramatically with a supernatural flavour, with possessed soldiers and corrosive projectiles among the new threats you should watch out for.

Fresh weapons and equipment are also included with this update, like the Demon Crossbow and Demon Egg Supply Drop, and this builds upon the carnage unleashed with the Dare Devils of Destruction DLC.

"Los Demonios is the second DLC pack in the 'Dare Devils, Demons and Danger' Expansion Pass, and it brings a totally new experience to Just Cause 4," said Bryan Rodriguez, Creative Producer at Avalanche Studios. "For the first time, Rico is tangling with an otherworldly threat that will push him to his limits. This is our chance to see if Rico is as good at squashing demons as he is at toppling dictators!"

Those with the Gold Edition can get early access to this DLC as of June 26, but for now you'll have to watch the new trailer and take a look at the screenshots to get a sense of the horrors that await.

Is this enough of a change of pace for you?

Just Cause 4
Just Cause 4Just Cause 4Just Cause 4Just Cause 4

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