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Surviving Mars

Paradox to launch modding platform Paradox Mods

Paradox Interactive is working with Microsoft to launch a modding platform on PC and Xbox One.

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Swedish publisher Paradox Interactive recently announced that it's been working with Microsoft to launch independent modding platform Paradox Mods on PC and Xbox One. Starting off with strategy game Surviving Mars, players can now download and play more than 30 mods across platforms through a free update with additional Paradox titles being supported later this year. Also added through the game's update is mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One players.

The modding platform is the first of its kind, enabling the distribution of user-created mods across multiple platforms. The work of modders can be shared with a single upload with PC and Xbox One players using the GoG or Paradox launcher.

Want to learn more about the modding initiative? Read up on it here.

Do you use mods to further your gaming experience?

Surviving Mars

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