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War of the Roses

Paradox opens up new "Arctic" studio

Charged with operating War of the Roses.

At the on going Paradox Convention in Miami, Florida. Paradox Interactive CEO Fred Wester revealed they're setting up a new studio - Paradox Arctic in the north of Sweden (Umeå). The studio is headed by Mattias Wiking (formerly at Grin and Starbreeze), an experienced veteran who moved away from the Stockholm area back to where he grew up. After a couple of years outside the games industry he now gets a rare opportunity to build a new studio outside of Sweden's main game developer regions.

The new studio is taking over the responsibility for maintaining medieval combat game War of the Roses (its sequel War of the Vikings is closing in on release), and there is also plans for future projects from the studio (yet to be revealed what these are). The move is an indication that Paradox Interactive are looking to invest less in external projects and instead build a stronger organisation of their own.

War of the Roses

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