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Europa Universalis IV

Paradox on expanding Europa Universalis IV

Studio manager Johan Andersson on the future of EUIV.

Paradox Development Studio's Johan Andersson recently talked to us about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV, ahead of an article that we'll publish in full tomorrow.

During our chat we discussed a variety of subjects, including balancing, mods, and adding new content. Most notably we also discussed the future of a game that's set to be given plenty more expansions in the months and years ahead.

"We have, I think there's like four," Andersson told us when discussing future content expansions. "Yeah, we're working on a new expansion now, then after that one there's two more that are fully fleshed out, and there's ideas for four more after that."

Later we asked when they're planning on drawing a line under the latest entry in the grand strategy series, to which Andersson replied:

"Considering the fact that there's more people playing EUIV now than ever before, the sales numbers just keep increasing for each expansion that we release; I don't think that we'll stop making expansions anytime soon. When we drop dramatically in sales numbers, that's when we'll stop making expansions. Or we run out of ideas."

During the interview we also asked about the studio's ongoing effort to move into the tablet space: "We want to make tablet versions of all our games, but that's nothing that we can talk more about in detail right now. We want to do it, we're trying out stuff, but we don't know when and how."

Stay tuned tomorrow for the full interview.

Europa Universalis IV

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