Dead Space 3

Papoutsis on Dead Space 3

We chat with the executive producer.

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Executive producer Steve Papoutsis gives us some added insights about the implementation of co-op in Dead Space 3 and speaks of the guiding principles of the franchise as a whole.


"Introducing co-op was a big deal for us. We needed to make sure we did it in a way that felt very Dead Space, felt very unique, but at the same time retain that singleplayer aspect that people have come to expect from Dead Space."

Size of the game:

"This game is the largest Dead Space game we've ever made by far. And I think there's a lot of interesting content, and little bits and pieces that people will get to experience if they decide to team up with a friend or decide to take it on themselves."

On the greater franchise:

"For something to be a Dead Space game is got to have an interesting atmosphere, it's got to have tension, it's got to have thrills, it's got to have action, it's got to have horror. Those are the things that we know as the developers we have to put in the game. But we also know we have to continue to evolve the story and the franchise and move it forward. People would get bored if we just kept doing the same thing. Random space ship, Isaac shows up, bad things happen, I mean that's predictable, that's boring. We need to keep evolving it. To look back and think we went from Dead Space 1 and we're getting this opportunity to do a third instalment, it's been really awesome and as a development team we're just really focused on trying to continue to deliver an extremely high quality experience for people."


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