Paper Mario: Color Splash

Paper Mario: Color Splash gets colourful E3 trailer

Talking paint buckets and a murder mystery case in the new Paper Mario Wii U game.

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A trailer for the latest instalment in the Paper Mario series has been released. The trailer for Paper Mario: Color Splash shows us new mechanics, story and characters.

The new title sees Mario using his Paint Hammer to restore colour to Prism Island. You'll also need to revive Toads that have been drained of their colour and cut out objects from the environment blocking your path, using the Wii U controller.

In the trailer we get to see the murder mystery style story that unfolds, as Mario receives the body of a colour-drained Toad in the post. A somewhat dark take on a bright and normally comical game.

Color Splash will be released in North America and the UK on October 7.


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