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Gears of War 4

Panda Global announces Gears of War 4 team

They will be in action in London this weekend.

Panda Global has announced that it is moving into the Gears of War 4 esports scene via a new video, which also reveals the entire lineup as well.

The lineup includes Ben "Strangulate" Laird, Bobby "Phenomxnom" Kennedy, Frank "KO" Tibbs, Alec "Shock" Collins, and Demarco "Drix" Gaines, all of whom will be under the guidance of manager Glenn "iiNk" McCollum. In true Gears of War spirit, the team reveal trailer has Gary Jules' Mad World as the accompanying song, too.

Panda tweeted the announcement too, saying: "Please welcome Panda Global's new @eSportsGears team competing in London on 12/8!" We can therefore expect to see Panda's team in action when the Gears Pro Circuit hits the Gfinity Arena, then, which is this weekend.

Gears of War 4 hasn't been the strongest esport, but do you think it has a bright future?

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Gears of War 4

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