Palworld has more than 7 million players on Xbox

And had the biggest Game Pass launch for a game not made by Xbox Game Studios.

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We already knew Palworld has sold extremely well, but that has also left many asking how it's doing on Xbox and how many that plays it as part of Game Pass. Now we know.

Xbox Wire's Joe Skrebels reveals that Palworld had the biggest Xbox Game Pass launch ever for a 3rd party game (a game not made or published by Xbox Game Studios). We're not told how many got the game as part of their Game Pass subscription, but Skrebels does at least confirm that Palworld has more than 7 million players on Xbox One, Xbox Series and Windows PCs.

The developers at Pocket Pair adds to this by revealing revealing Palworld now has more than 19 million players in total, as the Steam version alone has surpassed 12 million.

What are you playing Palworld on, and did you buy it?


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