Palworld Guide: Five quick tips for getting started

We've spent countless hours playing around in the huge world and have come up with five tips for newcomers.

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Since Palworld is included with Game Pass, I imagine many have already downloaded it, but there are certainly those who are still not sure if the game is for them. For those who are curious but want a little help, here are five tips to help you get started in the best possible way.


Choose the location of your base with extra care

This may sound obvious, but for me, eager to get started, I pretty much chose the first and best location I saw. Sure, you can move your base, but if you've already started building a lot of stuff, it's pretty cumbersome to have to tear it all down and start again.

So, finding the perfect location for your camp is very much about a large open space, but I would say that proximity to resources is the most important thing. Make sure there are plenty of trees and rocks nearby so that both you and your Pals can gather resources in abundance. The boundary of your camp is marked by a blue line, and having resources close to the edge of this - and then placing chests just inside the blue line, allows you to have access to everything you've gathered when building without having to get it out of the chests, which is extremely convenient.

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Thinking about how to fit your dwelling, and building a wall and other defences to help for when the base is attacked is also smart thing to keep in mind. So, even if you're eager to get started, it's worth it down the line to spend some time exploring the environments before you begin building.

Everything you build and collect contributes to levelling, but catching Pals is the best method

Just pick up a stick from the ground or craft an axe and you'll see experience points appear in the corner of the screen. Because everything you do contributes to making your character and your Pals stronger. But the fastest way is to capture Pals, which gives you both experience points and, of course, more Pals to use in different ways.

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Make sure to craft lots of Pal Spheres and then just go hunting. There is no shortage of Pals to catch. It is also easy to see when you take out your Pal Spheres and aim at a Pal if you have already caught it, as if it says "new" you want to make sure you get it, and if you collect 10 of the same kind you get an extra bunch of bonus experience points. So, just try to collect them all and your character will level up quickly.


Having the right Pals in your base helps a lot, so check their properties in the menu

It took a while before I really started researching what my Pals could contribute, but once I went in and discovered what they could do, I made sure I had a very efficient division of labour spread across my base. Some do the planting, watering and harvesting and others gather resources.

Giving the menus some time and seeing how you can use the labour you have makes things much more efficient, in fact a few Pals gathering resources means you can get a lot of them in a short period of time so you don't have to stand around chopping trees and mining stone and ore deposits, and can use your time on other more important things.

Streamlining and efficiency is everything in this game, and a good flow makes Palworld much more fun to play, so take advantage of the properties and you will soon have resources in abundance.

Explore the world efficiently

The map in Palworld is large, but luckily there are a few things you can do to make your travels more efficient. The first is to capture a Pal to use as a mount, then build a saddle. Another important thing is to keep an eye on the compass at the top of the screen, as there are plenty of Fast Travel points around the world to unlock, allowing you to return to your base (which doubles as one) and more.

You also get a technology point for each one you unlock and these are used to unlock things to build (you also have to reach a certain level with your character to unlock more things to craft) in your camp. Different environments also mean different, and new, types of Pals to discover and, of course, capture. If you see something in the distance that looks interesting, go on a little exploration and don't forget to activate the Fast Travel points you come across during your trips.


Vary your game moments with different experiences

Sure, at its core, Palworld is a farming-crafting-survival game where you also capture Pals. It's a curious mix, but it also lacks a story and focus (other than defeating five tough bosses) and can become quite monotonous. Still, it's very entertaining and by creating your own little adventures, it's easy to be engaged for hours.

We all play in different ways, and if you prefer the actual building, then you can spend hours doing just that, and if you prefer trying to catch all the Pals, then you'll probably spend most of your days hunting. I'm not the one to tell you how to have fun, so this tip is the most subjective of them all: enjoy Palworld in the way that you want to.

Those were five small tips that can help you as a new player to get started and at the same time get a little extra insight into what Palworld has to offer. If you have already started, make sure to share your own tips in the comments below.

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