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Palmer Luckey: Existing VR isn't good enough

Oculus founder pinpoints the reason why VR is yet to break into the mainstream.

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Palmer Luckey is a pioneer virtual reality space, and he was the founder of Oculus VR and part of launching the Oculus Rift prior to being ousted by Facebook last year. It seems his experiences haven't given him a positive outlook on the future of VR. According to Luckey, even if the today's expensive VR headsets were free - they still wouldn't be worth it for the mainstream audience:

"Recent market experiments with cheap VR hardware have shown that there are millions of people willing to buy said hardware, but very few among them continue to use the hardware or invest in the software ecosystem for very long."

The main reason for this is the lack of quality amongst headsets as Luckey mean they are simply not good enough, not even the best ones:

"I want to take this a step further and make a bold claim: No existing or imminent VR hardware is good enough to go truly mainstream, even at a price of $0.00. You could give a Rift+PC to every single person in the developed world for free, and the vast majority would cease to use it in a matter of weeks or months."

Luckey says that this isn't something he has just made up, but is in fact based on facts and price really isn't what's holding virtual reality back for mainstream:

"I know this from seeing the results of large scale real-world market testing, not just my own imagination - hardcore gamers and technology enthusiasts are entranced by the VR of today, as am I, but stickiness drops off steeply outside of that core demographic.

Free is still not cheap enough for most people, because cost is not what holds them back actively or passively."

Longterm Luckey is still a "true believer" in the potential of VR. What are your thoughts on VR and the potential of the technology and related technologies for the future?

Palmer Luckey: Existing VR isn't good enough
Palmer Luckey back in his Oculus days.

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