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Painkiller: Resurrection

Painkiller: Resurrection announced

Unknown Austrians bring more painkilling

It's been a while since we heard anything new from the Painkiller series with the original developer People Can Fly being bought up by Epic Games. But publisher Jowood have new plans for Painkiller and have put Austrian studio Homegrown Games on developing duties for Painkiller: Resurrection. The game has been announced on PC and will be released late this year. Here comes a handy quote from the press release and below a few screens:

"Fans are developing for fans, and we will not compromise the needs of the gaming community - this central slogan is one of the main foundations for our projects. Now that we are confirmed as the developer of Painkiller: Resurrection we feel honored and very confident that, together, we will produce a high quality game with unique gameplay. Despite its age, the Painkiller engine is still amazing. It keeps consistently high frame rates even with reflections, occlusion, blur and HDR effects, much more than 600.000 polygones (just for the basic architecture), on maximum resolution and with dynamic shadow producing light sources," says Johann Ertl, Head of Development at Homegrown Games. "We've established a strong international team made up of Homegrown Games employees and gaming guys from the community. The current task in our development cycle is the campaign with new levels, new monsters, new bosse s and a new story, all in typical Painkiller style."

Painkiller: Resurrection
Painkiller: Resurrection
Painkiller: Resurrection

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