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Paddington 3 has a title and director

Paddington in Peru will begin filming next year.

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The Paddington film series has served up a couple of the most charming films of the past few years, which is what makes the news that Paddington 3 has found its director and also been given an official title all the more exciting.

Set to be called Paddington in Peru, this movie seems to be framed around the loveable bear heading back to his homeland to explore his heritage and perhaps find his family - but as for whether this will be exactly the case remains unclear as StudioCanal and Heydey Films are keeping the plot under wraps.

Likewise, we don't know the plot for the movie, but no doubt Ben Whishaw will be back to lend his voice to the animated bear, and similarly we can probably expect the Brown family (portrayed by Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Samuel Joslin, and Madeleine Harris) to also have a role of some kind.

As for who will be directing Paddington in Peru, as The Hollywood Reporter notes that responsibility will go to Dougal Wilson.

Paddington 3 has a title and director

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