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Star Wars Battlefront

Pachter: Star Wars Battlefront has sold 12 million units

Analyst claims it sold 6 million each month on the market.

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Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has told Fortune that he estimates sales for Star Wars Battlefront at 12 million (6 million in November and 6 million in December). He is also quoted as saying that the game has generated revenue of around $660 million. For comparison Bethesda claimed sales of about $750 million on the first day of Fallout 4 sales, while Activision claimed Black Ops 3 did $550 million in its first three days.

Pachter who has historically made some outrageous predictions, should have a decent understanding of Star Wars Battlefront sales, even if these numbers are likely extrapolated based on how other similar titles have sold in Europe and the rest of the world (we assume Pachter has a good grip on actual North American sales).

It would appear as if EA's ambitious target of 13 million units sold is just within reach...

Star Wars Battlefront

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