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      Overwatch 2

      Overwatch's Profit era has come to an end

      The described GOAT of DPS has decided to retire from esports.

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      There are only a selection of individuals who had both the talent and the commitment to stick with Overwatch esports since before the Overwatch League era and then during that franchised league.

      One such player was Park "Profit" Joon-yeong, a DPS player who started with GC Busan before joining the OWL in its inaugural season as part of the London Spitfire (where he became a world champion) and then moving to the Seoul Dynasty to compete on his hometown team for the last four years of his career. With such a storied career behind him, Profit has become known as the GOAT of DPS, a title he earned after landing netting several awards and records during his time in the competitive scene.

      But the era of Profit is over. He has announced that he is retiring not just from Overwatch esports, but from esports in general. Speaking about this decision, Profit adds, "It's a shame that I have to retire, but I learned and experienced a lot as an esports player.

      "I was able to come this far and achieve this great career because of you all.

      "I will never forget the love that you guys sent me."

      Essentially, don't expect to see Profit lighting up the Overwatch Champions Series in the Asian division any time soon.

      Overwatch 2
      Photo: Overwatch League

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