Overwatch PTR patch notes tweaks over a third of the Heroes

The proposed changes will see buffs and nerfs across the board to a range of characters from all roles.

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A huge patch has been released on Overwatch's PTR, bringing changes to thirteen of the game's Heroes. Announced as Patch 1.41, this version of the title is currently only available on the PTR on PC however, it does provide an interesting look into what will likely be coming to the live game in a few weeks.


For tanks; D.Va will be seeing an increased regeneration rate for her Defence Matrix, up from 12.5% to 16% per second, as well as reducing the delay before regeneration by 0.25 seconds. Orisa will be receiving a slight nerf on her Protective Barrier, increasing the cooldown from 9 to 10 seconds. Roadhog will be getting a marginal buff, bringing his Scrap Gun's ammunition up from 5 to 6 in total. Sigma will be receiving several nerfs across the board, his Kinetic Grasp will be less defensive, the effect duration on his Gravtic Flux will be reduced by 0.3 seconds, and his barrier will have less overall regeneration and a 1 second delay after recalling it. Finally, Winston's barrier is being buffed, increasing its overall duration by 3 seconds and its health from 600 to 700 in total.

Supports will also be tweaked slightly. Baptiste's Immortality Field will be getting a health reduction from 250 to 200. For Lucio, Crossfade's speed boost effect is being increased by 5% overall, up to 25%, Amp It Up's speed boost effect is also being increased by 10%, up to 60% total, although to compensate, his Wall Ride speed buff is being reduced by 10%, down to 30%. Mercy fans will be delighted to know her Valkyrie beams now ignore enemy barriers, whereas Moira players will be less excited to know her Biotic Grasp self-healing effect is being nerfed from 30 to 20 health per second.

Fans across the board will be happy to hear about the proposed changes coming to some of the Damage Heroes, starting with Doomfist who will be getting nerfed. The two parts to his tweaks will see an increase in his time to reach max Rocket Punch charge by 0.4 seconds, up to 1.4 seconds as well as decreasing his shield health gained upon hits from 35 to 30. Second is Sombra, who will be getting an increased Translocator cooldown, up from 4 to 6 seconds. Symmetra will be receiving a few nerfs, bringing her Photon Barrier duration down 3 seconds, to 12 seconds as well as giving it a 20% health reduction. Her Sentry Turrets will also be getting damage reductions, from 50, to 40 damage per second. Last of all, Tracer will be slightly buffed, increasing the damage falloff for her Pulse Pistols by 3m, making it 13m in total.

Alongside the proposed tweaks, a whole range of bug fixes are included in the patch notes, which can be found in its entirety here.

Do you think these changes are beneficial for the health and longevity of Overwatch?


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