Overwatch player hits the level cap without account-sharing

Someone has managed to hit the almost mythical level 1800.

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Overwatch is a game that allows you to level seemingly endlessly, with the level cap resetting at 100 and granting you a special border every time you reset. However, by level 1800, the border will stop getting more extravagant, meaning you'll have technically hit the game's max level.

To most, hitting this max level is nothing more than a pipe-dream, and is something that will take years to accomplish. In the six months since the game's release, however, one such player has managed to become the first person in the world to hit level 1800 without any account-sharing. The player, named Tazzerk, announced his accomplishment on Reddit, sharing a tweet he made proving the accomplishment.

According to the Reddit thread, in order to hit this rank in just six months he played for 16-17 hours a day, and his final stretch to hit level 1800 lasted 32 hours. His final play time in-game is around 1700 hours, which incredibly impressive for a game that's been out for under a year.

We wouldn't be surprised if Blizzard introduced even more borders now that some players will start hitting the max level limit, and now it's been proven that resetting after level 1800 just puts you back to level 1 with no changes. Perhaps they'll even grant Tazzerk a unique border to commemorate his world-first.

What level are you at? Anywhere close?


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