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Overwatch League team LA Gladiators revealed

Alongside a full roster as well.

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Stan and Josh Kroenke of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment have revealed the name of their LA-based Overwatch League franchise - the LA Gladiators. We also have a logo down below too, featuring a roaring lion on a shield, all with purple and white colours, matching Roman emperors.

"Gladiators were the original superstars of sports and entertainment. Their fierce competitiveness and willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice captured the hearts of millions of people of all backgrounds for centuries. Those epic battles became the foundation for modern-day sports. Their impact still resonates on the silver screen, with scores of films chronicling the rise of the gladiators and their importance to societies of yesteryear," said Josh Kroenke, CO-founder of KSE Esports and President of the NBA's Denver Nuggets and the NHL's Colorado Avalanche. "It's with that spirit in mind that we chose LA Gladiators as the name for Los Angeles' newest professional team."

This is the second team to be revealed in Los Angeles, the first being Immortals' Los Angeles Valiant, and we also have the full roster for the Gladiators too, featuring a number of experienced talent. The lineup is comprised the following:

Lane 'Surefour' Roberts
Jung Sung 'Asher' Choi
João Pedro 'Hydration' Goes Telles
Aaron 'Bischu' Kim
Luis 'iRemiix' Galarza Figueroa
Jonas 'Shaz' Suovaara
Benjamin 'BigG00se' Isohanni

Surefour, Asher, and Hydration will all play as DPS for the team, and have played for Cloud9, Conbox, and CLG respectively, while former Kungarna player Bischu will be the team's off tank, with iRemiix as the main tank, a player who has played alongside Bischu. In terms of support, Shaz and BigG00se will fill this role, both of whom have played for Team Gigantti in the past.

This roster will be overseen by head coach David 'dpei' Pei, former coach for Kungarna, and Timothy 'Tim' Albanese will be the assistant coach. Kevin 'Kez' Jeon will serve as the team manager too, a former professional League of Legends player with experience in esports.

The Gladiators will be playing during the preseason, which starts on December 6, while the regular season starts on January 10. What do you make of this team?

Photo: LA Gladiators

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