Overwatch League team Florida Mayhem reveals new look

There's a new pink colour scheme, along with some new skins to celebrate the change as well.

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Florida Mayhem is a team in the Overwatch League, and they've just taken to Twitter to share images unveiling a rebrand, shifting their colours to neon pink, along with some new skins to go with this shift.

A follow-up tweet also reveals that news on new and old skins will be coming soon, although you can see an example of the colours below, featuring the redesigned logo as well.

It's not a drastic change, but Mayhem gives some more details on the rebrand in another tweet, revealing it was inspired by the popular third kit and Miami Vice. Speaking of Miami, it's also inspired by the city's nightlife, hence the accompanying hashtag #LightItUp.

The team promises a new "competitive spirit" for 2020 as well. Do you have high hopes for Mayhem this year?

Photo: Florida Mayhem

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