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Overwatch League: New York Excelsior revealed

A new trailer accompanies the announcement.

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Another team has been unveiled for the upcoming Overwatch League, and that's New York Excelsior, unveiled by Sterling.VC, the "first esports team representing New York City," as mentioned in the press release.

"'Excelsior' represents the extreme scale and boundless ambition of the city, and the passionate drive of a team committed to reaching the top and never letting up. Excelsior represents the heroic optimism and positivity of Overwatch, a game that empowers everyone to become a hero," the official description reads.

In terms of the roster, there are eight players, all of which will be coached and managed by coaches Hyun Sang 'Pavane' Yu and Hyeongseok 'WizardHyeong' Kim, assistant coach Andrew Kim, as well as Director of Player Personnel, Scott Tester. The roster is as follows:

● Joong 'Janus' Hwa - Tank
● Dong-gyu 'Mano' Kim - Tank
● Kim 'Mek0' Tae Hong - Off-Tank
● Kim 'Pine' Do Hyeon - Flex
● Park 'Saebyeolbe' Jong Yeol - DPS
● Hong 'ArK' Yeon Joon - Support
● Bang 'JJoNak' Sung-Hyeon - Support
● Kim 'Libero' Hye Sung - DPS

"It is an amazing opportunity to have NYXL be part of a brand new professional league and representing the city of New York," said Jeff Wilpon, Co-Founder and Partner at Sterling.VC. "We've put together a strong team and look forward to competing at the highest level."

"I'm incredibly excited to join NYXL as a coach with the chance to manage the team as it competes with and against the best players in the world in the Overwatch League," added Pavane. "New York is a great sports city and we will give our all when representing the city and our fans when play officially begins."

Below is a trailer for the team released alongside the announcement. How does this roster stack up against others you've seen?

Photo: London Spitfire

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