Overwatch expansion teams can start recruiting now

Plus two-way players can now be shared across OWL teams and Contenders.

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Blizzard recently opened the books for the Overwatch League, adding eight new teams to the competition. Atlanta, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, and Washington, D.C. are all confirmed for the game's sophomore season of competitive play, and from here on in the newcomers can start recruiting, either by signing players who are competing in Overwatch Contenders or from those appearing in 2018 World Cup rosters.

Blizzard has also confirmed the new two-way player rule, which means teams can recruit players who can subsequently feature for both OWL teams and in the rosters for Contenders, as long as the Contenders are affiliated with a league team (more on how that all works right here).

Expansion teams have until October 8 to make their signings, then it's open season and all existing teams can start snapping up any free agents who are left. Teams must have recruited at least eight players by December 1, 2018, as we all prepare for the 2019 season of the Overwatch League.


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