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Overwatch Contenders will feature seven regions

Blizzard has announced some expansion plans.

A new video by Blizzard called Path to Glory has revealed even more about the Overwatch's future as an esport, with the main thing being that Overwatch Contenders will expand to seven regions next year, including those already running right now.

EU and NA already have existing Contenders leagues, but these new plans will rebrand OGN Overwatch Apex, Overwatch Pacific Championship, and Overwatch Premier Series as Contenders leagues for Korea, Pacific, and China respectively, with Australia and South America joining as entirely new leagues.

In terms of format, each of these leagues will host three seasons a year, and at least six teams from existing tournaments (the five that aren't South America and Australia) will be invited to compete in the new tournaments, with Australian and South American teams having an open qualifier to try and enter.

Blizzard adds that Contenders isn't locked to regions, but that all online matches will be played on the appropriate servers. Also, the open division tournament will come back in January too, with the top four teams in those being invited to a Contenders Trials competition to earn a spot in these leagues, with the first of these Trials scheduled for February.

We'll find out more in December, but do these plans sound promising for now?

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