Overwatch: Character Guide - Support

Every team needs a little support if it's going to be victorious.

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In the shortest of our Overwatch character guides, we take you on a quick tour of the more supportive characters that feature in Blizzard's asymmetrical shooter.


Lúcio - 200 health: Lúcio is a speedy support character that relies on passively boosting the capabilities of the allies around him. He is the only hero that provides a mass speed boost or heal, and while the effects of these are limited they can easily give your team the edge in a fight. His combat abilities are limited as expected, but the alt fire on his main gun can be extremely effective when fighting on precarious or vertical areas.

Passive/Weapons: Lúcio makes use of a Sonic Amplifier to hit his enemies, using damaging sonic projectiles, with the alt fire being a burst of sound that knocks foes away. Passively, Lúcio can wall-ride with ease, letting him cross gaps or reach high ground.

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Ability 1 - Crossfade: Lúcio can toggle between two different songs, both of them having different effects. One song heals passively, while the other increases movement speed. Both do so within a radius.

Ability 2 - Amp It Up: For a short time, the song Lúcio is playing becomes more powerful, boosting its effects.

Ultimate - Sound Barrier: Lúcio slams his gun into the ground, giving he and his allies massive shields that degrade over time.

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Mercy - 200 health: Mercy is, most of the time, an essential part of any Overwatch team. Her healing capabilities are invaluable, and her damage boost gives allies a considerable amount of additional firepower. Despite not having two abilities, Mercy is still one of the most effective support heroes, and her resurrect has been known to single-handedly turn the tables of an entire game. All her support power is countered by her extremely lacking offensive capability, which is much less than that of the other supports.

Passive/Weapons: Mercy has two different weapons. The first is the Caduceus Staff, which can either heal or give a damage boost to allies, and the second is a pistol that allows for limited self-defence. She can unfold her wingsl by holding down the jump key, significantly reducing her fall speed.

Ability 1 - Guardian Angel: Mercy flies towards a target ally at high speed, allowing her to heal or damage boost them in a pinch.

Ultimate - Resurrect: Mercy revives all allies in a radius around her, bringing them back to life with full health.


Symmetra - 100 health/100 shield: Symmetra is the only support hero that doubles as a builder. Her support capabilities are limited, providing her allies with a small health boost, but she can alter the way the enemy moves around the map to the advantage of her and her team. A good Symmetra player will place turrets at choke-points, deterring enemies, and devastating anyone unlucky enough to move through the map that way, a tactic that also makes a part of the map safe for allies to enter and move around freely within.

Passive/weapons: Symmetra has a Photon Projector that locks onto enemies in close range and deals continuous damage. The damage increases the longer she's locked on to a target. The gun's alternate fire charges a ball of energy, which when fired moves slowly but deals good damage and, crucially, can pass unhindered through shields.

Ability 1 - Sentry Turret: Symmetra creates a small turret that fires a beam at nearby enemies. It deals moderate damage and slows enemies. Multiple turrets can be placed at once.

Ability 2 - Photon Shield: Symmetra gives an ally a small shield, absorbing 25 damage.

Ultimate - Teleporter: Symmetra can place a teleporter anywhere in the field, allowing allies to get quickly from the spawn room into the fight.


Zenyatta - 50 health/100 shield: Zenyatta is the most offensive of all the supports. His main fire weapon, the Orb of Destruction, deals high damage at high speeds. This, coupled with the Orb of Discord, easily allows him and his allies to take down the sturdiest of tanks with ease. Because of his extremely low health, he must be protected or play cleverly in order to not die, after all, he can't keep supporting his team mates if he's out of action.

Passive/Weapons: Zenyatta fires an orb of destruction in the direction of his crosshair, doing moderate damage to whomever it hits. The alt fire fires a rapid volley of orbs after a short wind-up.

Ability 1 - Orb of Harmony: Zenyatta blesses his ally with a healing orb, which heals 30 health per second to any enemy in his line of sight. If he loses sight of the ally for three seconds, the orb will return.

Ability 2 - Orb of Discord: Attaches an orb to a target enemy, amplifying damage on them by 50%. If Zenyatta loses sight of the player, the orb will disperse after three seconds.

Ultimate - Transcendence: Zenyatta becomes invincible for a short amount of time, but is unable to attack. Also heals allies for 100 per-second in a wide radius.


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