Overwatch 2

Overwatch Champions Series to be broadcast on both Twitch and YouTube

The era of exclusivity is over... at least for one year.

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The Overwatch League was for the most part exclusively streamed on YouTube, bar one season when it streamed over Twitch too. Now that the league is over, Blizzard doesn't have as significant streaming rights to sell, and as you would expect this means that the upcoming Overwatch Champions Series is being broadcast over both YouTube and Twitch.

Each of the games for each of the respective regions will be available on both platforms, and should you link your accounts on those platforms to Blizzard's systems, you will be eligible for a slate of rewards for watching the OWCS live, including sprays, skins, and namecards.

The OWCS starts as soon as next week, with the Asian division debuting ahead of the NA and EMEA divisions.

Overwatch 2

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