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Overwatch case prompts speculation of upcoming Switch port

Might Blizzard's hero shooter finally make its way to Nintendo's hybrid console?

Is Overwatch finally about to land on the Nintendo Switch? That certainly looks to be the case after an image surfaced that shows what looks to be an official Switch carry case made by Power A and emblazoned with Overwatch logos, complete with a distinctive black design edged with yellow trim.

The image of the Switch case was shared on Twitter by Wario64 (long-time readers will know that he's a regular source for tidbits like this) and it certainly looks legit. Apparently, the images were taken from a listing on Amazon that stated that it is "Officially Licensed by Nintendo and blizzard entertainment," although that listing has since been pulled. We're also not sure why the sentence isn't properly capitalised, but maybe it wasn't a copy and paste job in the end.

The brief appearance of the case also follows comments last year when senior producer Pete Stilwell said that a Switch version of Overwatch is "within the realm of possibility", even if he did stop short of confirming anything at that time.

Overwatch has proved a huge hit for Blizzard and now has a healthy esports scene, and it absolutely makes sense for the studio to bring the game to Switch if Nintendo's diminutive console can run the game to an acceptable standard.

Would you double-dip in order to play Overwatch on the go?


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