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Overwatch 2 leavers beware! Blizzard has pulled out the executioner's block

The new leaver penalty system could see you banned from competitive for an entire season.

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We all hate leavers in Overwatch 2 games. Whether it's unranked or competitive modes, it's always heart-breaking when you're left on the backfoot because someone didn't feel the need to stick it out and reach the end of a game. Blizzard has been working for a long time to reduce the impact of leavers, but it seems like now they've decided to ramp things up significantly.

As part of a new Defence Matrix blog post, Blizzard reveals that they will be handing out much bigger bans for people who leave frequently. For unranked modes, leavers will be punished with at most a 48-hour ban, but for competitive, if you leave five games in recent succession or 10 games over a season, you will be banned for the entirety of the rest of that competitive season.

There are a few other changes planned, such as not allowing parties of four players to queue competitive any longer, and also matchmaking solo players with only solo players or small parties. Likewise, the avoid as teammate feature is being bolstered so that you can avoid up to 10 players going forward and even rank them as to how badly you want a player to be avoided. Faster reporting is also promised, as are better ways to limit those abusing people in chats too.

Many of these features will be debuting next week when Season 10 launches, but the rest still need to be fleshed out further before coming to the live game.

Overwatch 2

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