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Overpass isn't just about speed, "it's about exploration first"

You'll be driving around the mountain when this novel new racing game lands later this year.

Overpass is an interesting-looking racing game that we got to see during this year's E3, and while we were there for our demo we also got to talk to Sébastien Waxin from publisher Bigben Interactive about how the game isn't just about feeling the need for speed.

"The physics of the vehicles is really realistic," Waxin told Gamereactor. "So you will have to take the right path to reach the top of the mountain. So, yeah, of course, it's a bit about speed, but it's mostly about exploration first - to know the map, to know the track, and then you try to get faster and reach faster the top of the mountain."

Waxin also explained how the mountain-scaling racer will have six environments that are made up of a total of 40 tracks, and you can find out more about that and the various licenses coming to the game later this year in the interview below.

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