Payday: The Heist

Overkill launches Crimefest - get Payday for nothing

Overkill celebrates game's third anniversary this October with the community. Plenty of goodies for the so-called Crimefest.

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Payday: The Heist and Payday 2 added some fresh ideas to the first person shooter multiplayer scene and you could say they almost started a new sub-genre. While still enjoying second entry's success with publisher 505 Games, creators Overkill Software are currently preparing first game's very special third anniversary 'party'.

In what they call the Crimefest, and in a move to get even more community support (clearly the main driving force behind these games), the team aims to get 1.5 million community members in Steam, and is rewarding them in tiers, Kickstarter campaign style.

The campaign ends on October 18th, and they're at 1.1+ million members already, so it looks this one won't struggle at all to make it. Goodies available so far include several items for Payday 2 and a free copy of the original Payday: The Heist to download during mentioned birthday, but there are 8 tiers left until the 1.5 mark with bonus content and "secret stuff".

Head to Payday Crimefest official site or Payday Steam Community to join and "take your big fat slice".

Payday: The Heist

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