Overcooked developers are overjoyed by the positive response

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We recently spoke with Phil Duncan from Ghost Town Games at in Birmingham about the studio's hugely successful couch co-op game, Overcooked, and he told us that he was thrilled with the player response to the game.

"It has been really positive. Yeah it's been really fantastic," he said. "We've heard from all sorts of people like, people who have been playing it with their kids, or like couples that play the game together. I think because the controls are fairly easy, so most people can pick up and play it. I think that's just led to people who don't play too many games to get involved and because as I say co-operation is such a big part of the game, it almost doesn't matter if you're a really good hard core gamer, so long as you can co-ordinate with someone else then you can get on well with the game."

We also asked what the plans are for the future as well. "We've got some more content that we're still working out and we're hoping to release in the next few months but yeah nothing official to announce on that yet."

Overcooked is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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