Over two million downloads of the Outriders demo

Updates to make the demo even better are also on their way.

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It seems like a lot of people have waited on an opportunity to try out People Can Fly's co-op shooter Outriders. The publisher Square Enix has now revealed that the demo that was released a week ago has been downloaded over two million times.

The developer has also listened to feedback and will update the demo both technically (bugs/better graphics) and it's gameplay (various changes). The first part will be released as a patch at some point next week and includes:

Resolutions that apply to ALL PLATFORMS:
• Added a Motion Blur Toggle [ALL PLATFORMS]
• Made minor tweaks to frame rate output for certain items in cutscenes, however, we are working on a more comprehensive fix for the future [ALL PLATFORMS]
• Made improvements to cut down on the time it takes to Matchmake [ALL PLATFORMS]
• Made other minor improvements and fixes

Additional resolutions that apply only to PC:
• Fixed a crash that repeatedly occurred when opening the menu or inventory [PC]
• Fixed a bug that deletes player gear if their connection drops out during a transition [PC]
• Improved subtitle display and synchronization during the "Bad Day" quest [PC]

Additional resolutions that apply only to Xbox Platforms:
• Fixed menu prompts not displaying correctly in supported non-English languages [XBOX]

Additional resolutions that apply only to PlayStation Platforms:
• Fixed store links on the "Buy Now" button in the Lobby [PS4/5]
- Note that while the ingame button will be fixed with the patch, you can still search the PlayStation store for "Outriders" should you wish to already pre-order it.
• Fixed bug that was causing an audio desynchronization in cutscenes [PS4/5]

The changes to gameplay will be added today and it's a backend update rather than a patch you have to download. It's a pretty massive list you can find over here, and it includes stuff like making Captains easier and pretty major adjustments to loot drops.

Outriders launches on April 1 for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.


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