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State of Decay 2

Over one million State of Decay 2 players in two days

Undead Labs' open-world zombie survival sandbox proving popular.

Undead Labs and Microsoft seem to be off to a good start with State of Decay 2. A lot of data regarding the launch has been posted on Xbox Wire, but the most impressive number that they've shared is that "since Early Access for the Ultimate Edition on May 18 and the global release of the Standard Edition on May 22, we have had over a million survivors across the globe playing."

As with all new Microsoft games, State of Decay 2 is available with Xbox Game Pass, which means you can download it if you pay for the monthly subscription. That being the case one million players certainly doesn't equal one million sold games, although it does, of course, bode well for the service. Microsoft also writes that players "typically survive for about three days (with some players surviving for over an in-game month - a lofty goal to aim for your session this weekend)."

Here is a link to our review if you'd like to know more, although if you prefer video you can simply cast your eyes below. Have you played State of Decay 2 yet and what do you think of it?

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State of Decay 2
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