Horizon: Zero Dawn

Over 7.6 million copies Horizon: Zero Dawn sold

Great accomplishment by Guerrilla Games' open-world action-RPG.

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Sony has just revealed that Horizon: Zero Dawn has now passed 7.6 million sold copies globally, and therefore is "the most successful new first-party franchise launch on PS4". The game sold really well from the moment it was released, and only two weeks after the premiere, over 2.6 million copies had been sold.

The media has really liked the game as well with very positive reviews (we even rewarded it with our coveted Game of the Year award), and this success is of course thoroughly deserved. It is also nice to see singleplayer games doing well in these multiplayer times. Hermen Hulst, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Guerrilla had the following to say in the pressrelease:

"We had huge ambition for Horizon Zero Dawn and as we approached the launch we knew people were excited, but to see sales of this volume is truly mind blowing. Since launch, millions of players have joined Aloy on a quest to discover the secrets of the old ones. We hope they enjoy playing Horizon Zero Dawn as much as we enjoyed making it."

Horizon: Zero Dawn

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