Hogwarts Legacy

Over 267 million hours have already been logged in Hogwarts Legacy

Warner Bros. Games is very happy with the game's launch and player engagement.

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Despite it not yet being two weeks since Hogwarts Legacy properly launched, the game is already boasting some incredibly impressive player engagement figures.

In an updated Variety article, it was revealed that players have accumulated over 267 million hours in the wizarding adventure, they've brewed over 115 million potions, and defeated 556 million Dark Wizards.

Hogwarts Legacy has been topping sales charts since it released, but these numbers are still impressive, as it shows the majority of players are spending a good amount of time with the game.

Even with the controversy still looming, Warner Bros. Games are incredibly happy with the release of Hogwarts Legacy, which is an unsurprising fact given the numbers on display here.

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Hogwarts Legacy

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