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Gears POP!

Major changes coming to Gears POP!

The Coalition and Mediatonic's collaborative mobile game with Funko, Gears POP!, is facing some major changes.

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If you have played Gears POP!, you are likely familiar with the fact that a whole lot of games end in a draw. This has been something gamers has complained about, and fortunately, the developer Mediatonic has listened.

As a result, all Sudden Deaths will now have their Outposts lose a life, second by second and when all outposts are gone, the leader will start taking the penalty. This will of course lead to way more matches actually ending with a winner, although we suspect there will still be quite a few draws even this way.

Have the many draws been something you have thought about?

Gears POP!

Thanks TrueAchievements

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