Fallout Shelter

Over 1.6 billion babies have been born in Fallout Shelter vaults

Bethesda has shared a graphic to mark the game's seventh anniversary.

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To mark seven years since Fallout Shelter debuted, Bethesda has released a graphic that shares a whole bunch of statistics about the community's collective efforts on the game.

This includes revealing that there have been over 1.6 billion babies born in vaults, as well as half a billion Dwellers reported dead. Likewise, we're told that there have been almost 300 million Deathclaw attacks, 1.5 billion Radroach infestations, half a billion items crafted, and all of this has been achieved in 235 million created vaults.

Take a look at the full graphic below, and also be sure to log into Fallout Shelter before June 19 to receive some anniversary free rewards.

Fallout Shelter

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