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Outriders Worldslayer to launch on June 30

The expansion will be serving up new locations, gear, challenges, foes, and more.

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Square Enix and People Can Fly has officially revealed the Worldslayer expansion for Outriders, and even set a date for when players can look forward to checking it out. Expected to release on June 30, the reveal trailer gives a glimpse at the sorts of new foes and challenges that it will deliver, with the new spotlight trailer providing plenty of extra details about the expansion.


First and foremost, the Worldslayer update is looking to offer up a brand-new campaign, one that will take players to the further reaches of Enoch. It's said that the Anomaly has grown and evolved, and that because of this, blizzards ravage the land. But, the environment won't be the only new threat as the leader of the Insurgent faction has arrived to cause all manners of problems for the Outriders.

As for the new content, it's noted that there will be new zones and new enemies, as well as a whole array of new loot to hunt down and use in-game. This will include new weapons and class-specific and universal legendary armour sets.

In terms of progression, Worldslayer is serving up a lot to look forward to here. There will be both a new secondary skill tree for each main class that will offer up two new subclasses to check out. This will be known as the Pax, and can be upgraded by completing "significant events" in Worldslayer.

Otherwise, there is a new "long-term progression system" arriving called Ascension. This will allow players to improve their Endurance, Brutality, Prowess, and Anomaly power, all by earning up to 200 Ascension Points from playing the game.

There will also be a new "Apocalypse" tier of activities to tackle, which will be available on all Worldslayer content, and will offer challenges at higher levels than is currently present. It's noted that to accommodate this, gear will be able to be advanced to level 75, and that Apocalypse activities will reward powerful Apocalypse gear that includes a third mod slot for various powerful upgrades.

Last of all, if this isn't enough to be excited for, the Worldslayer expansion will also feature a true endgame activity at its very end, but as for the finer details about this, more will be shared in a future spotlight video.


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