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Outriders to give free gifts after rough launch

But also becomes less rewarding today.

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People Can Fly and Square Enix have obviously been very open and honest about the rough launch Outriders had in terms of its servers, but words are not enough.

The developers have published a new thread on Reddit where they among other things reveal that anyone who plays Outriders before April 11 will get a kind of compensation gift at an unknown time in the future. This will consist of a level appropriate legendary weapon and amount of titanium, as well as a rather fitting emote called "Frustration". Very cool, but it wouldn't have helped much if improvement weren't in the works.

Fortunately, another post details some of the fixes coming with next week's patch. This includes making cross-play viable and fixes quite a few issues causing crashes.

The bad news for the min-maxers out there is that today's maintenance included a hot fix that nerfs every class except for Devastator a bit, makes sure that repeating "Historian", "Bounty Hunt" and "Monster Hunt" quests no longer grant legendary items all the time, gives certain enemies a less rewarding loot-pool and a few other things that makes the game a tad more challenging. Not enough to stop it from being very entertaining, however, so I'm not complaining too much.


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