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Outriders' next broadcast is scheduled for November 15

We'll get to take a first look at a "colossal free update" coming soon.

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Publisher Square Enix and developer People Can Fly earlier announced that the next Outriders broadcast (also the 6th) has been scheduled for November 15. According to the official statement, this will be the first broadcast since Outriders' official launch.

In order to get fans prepared and hyped, the team released a trailer and stated:

"Tune in on Monday for an update on everything you have been waiting for. And everything you didn't even know you were waiting for". We were also told that we can expect to have "a first look at a colossal free content update coming to Outriders soon, as well as a review of the many improvements to the game since its launch in April".

You'll be able to watch the stream from YouTube and/or Twitch.

Check the trailer below.


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